Can Fish Oil Enhance Your Eyesight?

Doctors frequently recommend fish oil, a good way to obtain omega-3, to aid treat or avoid a number of health states, such as for example elevated cholesterol amounts. In regard to eyesight, fish oil will not have an immediate impact on vision. However, fish oil could play a part in specific conditions that may bring about eyesight difficulties.

Dry Eye

Dry eye occurs from low quality or insufficient quantities of tear film on the surface of your eye. This state may cause symptoms such as a scratchy sensation, as if you might have something in your eye. You might experience blurry vision on occasion, but, in many scenarios, some blinks may help to moisturize the eye's surface and restore vision. In addition to these signs, dry eye might cause inflammation in the conjunctiva, the white place of your eye, resulting in redness. The Omega 3 found in fish oil could help reduce inflammation correlated with dry eye, and, as time passes, this may help enhance symptoms and avoid clouding episodes.

Eye Pressure

Your eye needs pressure to aid hold its round-shape, but the liquid in the front section of your eye, called aqueous, additionally nourishes the tissues because place. Under ordinary conditions, aqueous enters and leaves your eye at precisely the same speed, maintaining the eye strain steady. Nonetheless, if the drainage method will not work correctly, this could end in a build up of aqueous that will raise eye pressure. Over time, a high intraocular pressure will damage your eye, causing permanent vision loss. Omega-3, for example that seen in fish-oil, could help enhance the outflow of aqueous, and this may assist in preventing high pressure and resulting visual disturbances.

Diabetic Retinopathy

If you have diabetes, you have an increased danger of eye issues including diabetic retinopathy. Visual info is gathered by cells in the retina which, through the eyesight process, the brain eventually interprets as an picture. In diabetic retinopathy, abnormal, weak vessels begin to form on the retina, and these vessels, because of their fragility, might break, resulting in bleeding. Treatment with steroid injections or laser processes may help halt the bleeding and prevent additional damage to the tissue. In some cases, diabetic retinopathy could result in permanent vision loss. In a 2007 report, the National Institutes of Health announced that omega 3 could help prevent this potentially sight-threatening state.


You should not take fish oil supplements without first consulting with your doctor. Omega-3 could hinder other medicines or have a result on specific health conditions. Your doctor can assist you to determine should you use fish-oil or other supplements, also as a safe dosage.

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