Colectomy Surgical Procedures



Planning for a colectomy is an important piece of the surgery. The colon must be cleaned out fully, generally through employment of a laxative. Sufferers consume a prescribed solution over a period of a couple hours. The laxative promotes diarrhoea, essential to cleanse the bowels. Various medications that can create issues during the surgery must be stopped, and individuals should quickly from ingesting for around 24 hrs before the operation. Since germs are present in the colon, an antibiotic is taken by many people prior to operation to prevent diseases.


A colectomy is done under general anesthesia. Surgeons often base their selection on the utility and the seriousness of the disease, the patient's overall health and have two options for performing the process. The physician can then reach in and scrutinize the colon to remove as much as-is important to treat the patient. The damaged intestines removed and are cut through the incision. A colectomy is a minimally-invasive procedure that merely requires a few small incisions in the abdomen. The physician then works a TV camera into the cut, which creates pictures on a screen in the operating theatre that the physician works. The colon components that were unhealthy or purulent are taken through the incisions and take off. The remaining colon is subsequently pushed back in through precisely the same incisions.

Pursuing removing part or all the colon, the doctor continues so waste can be efficiently processed by the patient ends to the digestive system or operating to re-join the remaining colon. The remaining pieces of the colon might be sewn together, enabling the digestive system as it did before the colectomy to function. When there is no big bowel left, the physician might attach the end of the small bowel to some colostomy bag via an incision in the abdomen. The bag must be worn by individuals on the outside to carry waste that is discharged through the gap. A third option is when the intestines that are remaining are connected to the rectum, allowing waste to abandon substantially the exact same manner in as it did before the surgery.

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